Automobile Insurance

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We know that you want the best auto insurance coverage at the lowest price. That’s what we want too. No one wants to overpay for auto insurance. We ensure you have the most competative rate available in the Omaha area.

We have all seen the commercials where we can save $500 by switching. Do you ever wonder where that savings comes from? What is the difference between Good, Better, and Best Coverage? Do you have the coverage you need? Is the cheapest coverage going to pay you the right way when you have a claim or hang you out to dry and suddenly you don’t have coverage and they won’t pay for that? Your insurance isn’t a commodity and you need the right coverage at the best price.

As an independent agent we have access to many carriers to not only find you the best deal, but as your lifestyle changes we have companies that can change with you. When you put us to work for you, we’ll work with you to find any areas of risk and then tailor a policy to your specific needs.   Whether you are buying your first car or home to insuring your valuable collector car, we have worked with clients like you and can tailor a plan to fit your needs. No matter what stage of life you are in, you can count on us to get you the right coverage.

There are many factors that insurance companies use when determining a premium. In the past few years we have seen these factors grow and companies will use your credit, distance to work, speeding tickets, accidents, type of job, zip code, type of car, and whether you are single or married to provide a quote. We know what our companies are looking for, and can find the right fit for you.